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Everything Bridal 

       Being a Bride is a special time in ones life, which is why we are the stylists for you. Bringing your visions to life creating flawless styles and timeless looks making you feel like the most confident version of yourself

Using high end products and the trendiest techniques to create your hair and makeup looks. We are approachable and work with you to make sure your 100% happy and stress free on your big day. 


 We are traveling stylists providing services on-site throughout New England. 

  (ME, NH, MA, & VT)

 Bridal Services

- Hair Styling - Updo Styling - Down Styling - Traditional Makeup -

     - Airbrush Makeup - False Eyelahses - Trial Runs -  Bridal Portraits -

       - Hair Extensions  -   Glamorous Looks   -   Natural Looks  -

What sets us apart? 

     Face Prep- Flawless makeup applications start with great skin prep. We gently exfoliate away any dry dead skin, then deeply moisturize your skin ensuring your skin looks firm, youthful, and glowy. 

     Makeup Application-Using high end, mostly cruelty free, products to create makeup looks as natural or glamorous as you desire. Every makeup look is sealed and set with an airbrush and all eye products are waterproof ensuring your makeup look lasts throughout you big day!

      Hair Styling- Starting with a hair consultation, taking into consideration your desired look with your type of hair, a bridal style is created uniquely to you. Using the best hair products to add texture or shine your style will stay throughout the whole day. Hair extensions or hair fillers can be integrated to execute the perfect look.

    If I am not personally available I have a network of talented stylists that I can refer you to!  

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